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A Lasting Impact

Once you have reserved your homestay, we will communicate by mail so that I can assess your level and see what your interests are. I will then send you your schedule and we will discuss together what you want to do during your free time. You may want to book museums, plays, tours or other activities in advance but I will always give you suggestions.
We will have a 3 hour lesson in the morning but I am very flexible: if you prefer to have an additional excursion instead, it can be arranged.
The lessons are tailored to the needs of the students, people learn differently, so I adapt my teaching to each student.
Since you will be living with me, you will meet some of my friends and of course a lot of Parisians, you will need to develop your oral communication skills so that you feel more confident and at ease in Paris.
While we speak, I will always take notes of your mistakes so that we can work on specific grammar points the next day. You will learn idiomatic expressions and new vocabulary as we work on different topics: family, art, travels, media, food, politics... any topic of interest to you or useful for your work.
I will give you homework if you want so that you can review what you learn during the lesson.
We will listen to audio recordings : songs or conversations so that you get used to different accents, and ways of speaking.
When we are together, having lunch or dinner, taking an excursion, I will always correct you so the lessons never end!

Personalized Lessons: Benefits
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