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When I told my sister that I wanted to see Paris she strongly suggested I should use her French teacher as my guide. I contacted Francoise and through my professional sales background got her to acquiesce to being my guide to Paris for 5 days.
    My language skills are non existent but I love history and other cultures and cannot think of a better experience of having Francoise introduce me to French history and many parts of Paris that most tourists don’t get to know. She is highly energetic, full of humorous anecdotes, and very knowledgeable about all things Paris. She was so entertaining and energetic that the week passed way too quickly. I stayed at a hotel in her neighborhood and that in itself gave me the feeling of actually living in Paris. I slept well after trying to keep up with my guide walking the city. We viewed exotic markets, off the beat museums, historical alleys, houses, galleries, shops, auction houses, graveyards etc. suffice it to say that I could experience what it would be like to live there and that’s a worthwhile option to keep in mind.
  If you would like to get to know the real Paris, not just the common stops then I couldn’t recommend Francoise more highly. She is a complete delight and multitalented, moral human being and the most pleasant company imaginable..

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